The Equine Expert

By Adrienne Hendricks

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So “check your billets” they say! What exactly does that mean? It means to look and make sure the stitching is solid but there is more to it than that. I always look to make sure the knots are still secure. I check that the stitching is double strand or a very thick strand and it isn’t wearing out. Is the stitching loose or tight? In this picture you can see the stitching is very loose. This can cause more wear and break sooner. Billets are a big piece to the safety of you and your saddle. Having them checked and replaced or re-stitched by a professional is the best way to make sure they are safe to use.

Adrienne Hendricks is a team member with The Equine Expert LLC, a multi-discipline equine expert witness and consulting firm with expert equestrians offering legal expert witness, consulting and appraisal services in legal and business matters. Adrienne is an expert in saddle and tack fitting, repairs and production.  She owns her own saddle making and repair business  in Boise  Idaho and travels around the country fitting and repairing saddles for individuals. 


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