The Equine Expert

By Bridget Brandon

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ValueMyHorse LLC offers the service of “Equine Buyers Advocate” for parties interested in purchasing horses.  We are not a brokers service and we do not buy and sell horses for you.  We are strictly an advocate on your behalf, the buyer.  We are the unemotional side of your equine purchase where our goal is to keep you out of trouble.

The first item of business is to get to know you as a person and understand what your goal is in horse ownership.  You may be a first time buyer for pleasure or competition, you might have been burnt on a horse deal before, you may want to invest in horses, you may be new to the area and a host of other reasons.  As a buyers advocate, we know the ins and outs of how horse deals work.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Buying a horse should be a fun and exciting time, not something that turns into a heartbreak.

As a buyers advocate, we have no emotional interest in the horse you have selected, which means we can objectively view the horse for what it truly is.  As a buyer, you may be more likely to pay over market price for something you have your heart set on.  You may also feel pushed into the purchase by your trainer and not sure how to handle the situation.  You might even be a first time buyer or a buyer who is not working with a trainer at all.  There are numerous reason why you need someone to be by your side that has no skin in the game.  

We can negotiate a deal for you or we can help you if you want to negotiate the deal yourself.  Either way is fine with us.  Bridget Brandon is a Senior Certified Appraiser with the American Society of Equine Appraisers, Candidate Member of American Society of Appraisers and an Equine Insurance Agent.  She keeps abreast of what fair market value is on all levels of horses and many different disciplines.  Our goal is to make sure you pay a fair price and you are not taken advantage of.

As a buyers advocate, we also walk you through the process to make sure your purchase goes through smoothly.  We assist you with a proper Bill of Sale, the Prepurchase Exam, results of the PPE, if and how to negotiate based on the results of the PPE, requested commissions by brokers and trainers, trials, and a host of other situations that come up in the purchase.

If you want to purchase a horse on your own, we can assist you with that, but know that we are not brokers.  We can assist you with sourcing horses, approaching the seller, trying the horse, the negotiating and anything else that you would like us to assist you with.  

You can look at us as being your personal consultant.  We will always tell you the honest truth so you can make the most well informed decision.  It is much easier to buy a horse than sell a horse, so let’s make sure you are buying the right horse.

Bridget Brandon is President of The Equine Expert LLC, which is a multi-discipline equine expert witness, appraising and consulting firm. Expert equestrians join together to offer legal expert witness and consulting services in court cases and legal matters. Bridget is also President of ValueMyHorse LLC, an Appraisal, Buyers Advocate and Barn Consulting Firm. For more information on their services, email and or call 817-454-4537 to schedule an appointment with a consultant.


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