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Equine sales fraud case in Federal Court that was settled three days prior to trial. A broker sold a seller’s horse for low 5 figures and sold horse to buyer for low to mid 6 figures. Broker and associates pocketed the difference and charged commissions on top of that. Broker delivered to buyer a horse that was different than seller purchased and resold the horse that buyer thought they were buying to another individual. Buyer discovered Passport did not match microchip when horse was hospitalized for colic surgery and they discovered horse previously had colic surgery. Served as Plaintiff's Expert Witness.

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Equine Medical Mal-practice case where young recently imported stallion was purchased as a dressage prospect and breeding stallion. Owner's friend had a mare that she wanted to breed to stallion. Stallion owner requested that her regular veterinarian collect the semen, but he declined as he was in the process of building a breeding shed. Owner told her veterinarian the stallion had been trained to mount a dummy for collection and he would be fine. After much coaxing, her veterinarian agreed. The stallion would not mount the dummy mare because it had only mounted a dummy mare at importation during quarantine. The stallion broke away when he got scent of a real mare, broke over a fence and impaled his heart. Served as a Consulting Expert prior to mediation for the Defendant.

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Equine Liability riding accident where neighbor asks another neighbor if she can ride her horse. Owner of horse agrees. Horse is a finished pleasure riding horse and is ridden and owned by a teenager. The horse has no history of bad behavior. The neighbor informs owner that she once trained horses and wanted to use her own equipment. Owner agreed. Neighbor brings her own equipment and works with the horse for many hours in one day before she mounts. While she mounts, she asks owner to hold the horse with a lead rope. Owner agrees. When the neighbor mounts the horse rears straight up and then over backwards and breaks the neighbor’s pelvis. Was an Expert Witness for the Defense for equine behavior, accident reconstruction and equipment analysis.

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Equine Liability trail riding accident case where guest's saddle slid to the side and the rider fell off and sustained injuries. Served as an expert witness for Plaintiff for accident reconstruction, safety, standards in the industry, equipment and trail riding.

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Equine Liability and valuation case where a neighbor had a 60 pound bee ball that had turned into Africanized bees. Owners of three horses that were stabled next door told the neighbors about the bee ball but the neighbors did nothing. The owners had their horses on hot walkers one day when the horses and owners were attacked by the Africanized bees. Two of the horses were killed. One survived but was physically and mentally scarred. Opined on the horse’s value and horse behavior after trauma. Served as Plaintiffs expert.

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