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Check Girth Strap before Trail Ride

Before heading out on a long trail ride, it is important to go over key elements of your saddle to make sure they are in good working order. The girth strap attached to the girth and is what you use to tighten the saddle on the horse. It is typically ma

Cell Phones Trail Riding

Information on where to place your cell phone when trail riding and why it’s a safety precaution.

How and why you use a quick release knot

A quick review of how to tie a quick release knot and why a quick release knot can help quickly provide aide in calming a panicked horse that is tied up.

Beast collars when trail riding

Breast collars provide an extra element of security when trail riding by preventing a saddle from slipping sideways or back and fourth.

How to Cross Tie Your Horse Safely When Panic Happens

This video shows you a trick on how to cross tie your horse and ensure the rope will give or break should your horse panics. Horses are fight/flight animals and if they cannot flee and feel trapped when they are afraid, they will begin to panic and fight

Removing Algae From a Water Trough

It's important that horses have fresh clean water to drink year round. Water troughs will often collect algae that is very difficult to remove, smells bad, and many horses do not like to drink water with a lot of algae in it. Here is a trick that you ca

Equine Insurance Medical Options

Donating Your Horse ~ IRS Form 8283

How much to Lease a Horse

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