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Fill haynets quickly and easily

Some tips on how to fill your haynets quickly and easily

Horse Blanket safety

Safety tips for blanketing your horse. Putting on or taking off a blanket in the safest way possible could potentially avoid disaster!

Official Tevis Cup Saddle Fitting Tips

As the Official Saddle Fitter for the Tevis 100 this year, I am thrilled to offer some suggestions to make sure your saddle is fitting your horse as well as it can.

Tracing Analysis

Thinline Saddle Introduction

Barn Manager Tricks

How to get horses to eat their supplements.

Feed Time is a Good Time to Inspect Your Horse

While you are feeding, it is a good idea to take just a few seconds to observe your horse. Tanja Schnuderl explains why that is helpful and what to look for.

English vs Western Saddles

Some basic differences between English and Western saddles explained by saddle expert Adrienne Hendricks with The Equine Expert LLC.

Stirrup Bar Placement

Stirrup Bar Placement and how it affects balance by Adrienne Hendricks. Saddle Expert.
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