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The Important Role of a Bloodstock Agent in Your Team

The horse racing industry is a fast paced world, and for serious owners to prosper they need the best staff available to them. From trainers to stable assistants, all play an important role. When it comes to the buying of new horses or finding the right stallion for breeding purposes, bloodstock agents are the people to turn to. Most racing stables have a bloodstock agent who is retained by the stables, not only to purchase and sell horses, but to provide information in regard to changes within the racing industry.

New owners should be aware that just because someone claims to be a bloodstock agent, it is not necessarily true. Bloodstock agents gain their knowledge and expertise through years within the trade and by ensuring that they are always informed of any new developments or trends within industry. Trainers will often admit that they do not have the time to visit sales and auctions, and even though they know how to get the best performance from a horse, they are not experts in selecting broodmares or foals. To be able to view a horse, judge its composition and learn about its pedigree takes time; the time that most owners and trainers don’t have.

Bloodstock agents are also known for their sound reasoning and good judgment, making them capable of purchasing a horse on behalf of the stable yard or owner. Many bloodstock agents work together with trainers. Some sales run for a few days and blood stock agents will remain at the sale for the entire length, narrowing down potential buys and socializing with other agents and owners to build relationships. Most bloodstock agents will sell and purchase horses for owners at a public auction or privately at a fee that is usually a percentage of the transaction and is agreed upon. They represent their clients at sales and manage their breeding and bloodstock requirements. After a purchase has been completed, bloodstock agents make the necessary arrangements to transport the horses. They advise and negotiate the covering of a mare by the chosen stallion on their client’s behalf and also organize insurance if needed. Agents are an asset to a yard or owner, as their knowledge of the international and domestic markets, as well as the daily running of breeding and racing stables, often proves to be invaluable.

Before appointing a bloodstock agent it is advised that owners ask around and find references in regard to prospective bloodstock agents. Other owners, trainers and racecourse officials will be able to support or warn owners off on employing certain agents. Interviewing bloodstock agents, as owners would any employee, will help then to determine if the qualities of the agent corresponds with the vision for the business. Even though bloodstock agents are vital to the horse racing industry, owners should remember that they must remain in control and always have the final decision in their hands. And with an honest and reliable bloodstock agent at their side, the sky is the limit for new owners.

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