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Barn hazards to avoid – How to provide a safe home for your horse.

As barn manager or horse owner, we constantly try to keep our horses from accidently injuring themselves. Barns can provide plenty of opportunities ... read more.

7 Winter Trail-Riding Hazards

Cold, snowy days don&39t keep you off the trail. Put safety first with these expert tips on negotiating winter trail hazards. Winter tr ... read more.


Christmas is right around the corner and you, or "Santa", may be considering buying yourself a horse for Christmas, or buying your son, d ... read more.

What is an Equine Emergency Sheet and why should you have one?

Whether you ride, own or take care of horses, you know one thing for sure: Horses will get sick or injured at some point. Whenever that happens, ti ... read more.

Celebrating Christmas with a Horse

You might think what the connection between ... read more.

Why Use A Certified Equine Appraiser?

What is an equine appraiser?  An equine appraiser determines the value of horses for owners, insurance companies, law firms, legal entities, I ... read more.

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