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As I write this, it takes me back to a time of adventure, excitement, and learning. Irsquod just joined Andreas Nemitz of Coaching in Bavaria as ... read more.


Exactly a century ago, in 1922, Benno von Achenbach published his masterwork, Anspannen und Fahren. The now world-famous Achenbach carriag ... read more.

Can Your Horse Recognize You in a Lineup?

Can your horse tell you apart in a group of humans? The latest research in equine-human recognition. After being at home sick for about a ... read more.

Pushmi-Pullyu: What is the Carriage Horse Really Doing?

By definition, pushing is applying force in a direction away from ourselves. When we push a shopping cart, we stand behind it and push it away from ... read more.

How much water does my horse need in a day?

Horses will typically drink between 5 and 10 gallons per day, depending on their environmental conditions like climate, the level of exercise and t ... read more.

USEA Introduces the AEC Modified Trophy In Remembrance of Ashley Stout

The United States Eventing Association USEA is pleased to introduce the new Modified Trophy, in Remembrance of Ashley Stout. The perpetual trophy ... read more.

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