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Celebrating Christmas with a Horse

You might think what the connection between ... read more.

Why Use A Certified Equine Appraiser?

What is an equine appraiser?  An equine appraiser determines the value of horses for owners, insurance companies, law firms, legal entities, I ... read more.

Trail Riding Safety Essentials

When you are going for a full day of trail riding in some of the wonderful parks and trails we have across our country, it’s a good idea to g ... read more.

Considerations of Blanketing Your Horse While Trailering

Should you blanket a horse when trailering?  Horses are very comfortable in cold conditions, especially if they are directly out of the wind, ... read more.

Equine Affaire - The Nation's Premiere Equine Exposition and Equestrian Gathering

Learn from and mingle with many of the foremost trainers, coaches, competitors, judges, and experts in the horse industry. Take a break from online ... read more.


The Important Role of a Bloodstock Agent in Your Team

The horse racing industry is a fast paced world, and for serious owners to prosper they need the best staff available to them. Fr ... read more.

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