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Sotheby's: Homes that Embody the Equestrian Spirit

When it comes to equestrian estates, owners are passionate about their properties. Where and how they live is all about the thrill of riding. ... read more.

Muzzle Management – 4 things to know about proper fit, nutrition and risks.

Grazing muzzles have become a common piece of equipment in the equine industry. They are being hooked to an ordinary halter and cover the entire mu ... read more.


Learning to mount a horse can be daunting, but there are steps that should be taken to ensure the rider is mounting securely and as safe as possibl ... read more.

Spring-clean your medicine cabinet with these quick and easy tips!

I believe the power of a well-organized medicine cabinet is greatly underrated. Think about it: Whenever you have to open it, there is naturally so ... read more.

Hand stitching leather vs. machine stitching

The strength of leather is in the skin side as opposed to the flesh side.  The skin side is the side where the hair was.  When leather is ... read more.

Flocking Your Saddle

What does it mean to "flock" or “re-flock" your saddle?   It can mean several things!  A complete or strip ... read more.

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