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On April 20, 2021 Thoroughbred Racing’s and possibly one of America’s favorite loser will turn 30 years old. His name is, Zippy Chippy. ... read more.

Equine Transaction Law, An Educational Summary.

The sale or lease of a sport horse is a major business transaction and yet horse deals often are made without the legally required documentation th ... read more.

Barn rules - How to improve the safety of riders, horses and boarders.

Whether you own a small private boarding farm or manage a big equine facility, running a barn is a task of great responsibility. One of your top pr ... read more.

Why grooming your horse is so important - Health benefits you should know about!

The skin is the largest organ of your horse’s body. It provides a protective barrier against the environment, regulates temperature, and give ... read more.

State Equestrian Liability Limitation Laws

This area consists of the full text of equine activity statutes of those states that have enacted them. Equine activity statutes are enac ... read more.

Equine poisoning - These common plants are highly toxic to horses!

It is a common misbelief that horses always instinctively know which plants, bushes or trees are poisonous for them. Reality is, that horses will g ... read more.

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