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Technology and the horse trade - the perfect marriage or a recipe for disaster?

In recent years, the horse world has gone digital with a bang. Online marketplaces have become the new normal for buying and selling horses. Social ... read more.


As an equine trainer and competitor for over 35 years here in the United States and Australia, I highly recommend liability waivers, hold harmless ... read more.

Avoid this barn ventilation mistake during wintertime!

Proper ventilation in horse barns is an important aspect of maintaining your horsersquos respiratory health. Especially during the winter months, ... read more.

Donating to a Non-Profit Organization as an Unconventional Solution to Rehome Your Horse

Horses donated to non-profit organizations are considered ldquono-cash charitable contributionsrdquo by the IRS and form 8283 has to be filed b ... read more.

Lunging - Useless Miles or Constructive Training?

Lunging.nbsp No doubt yoursquove seen and perhaps even used lunging to exercise a horse before riding, or even instead of riding.nbsp Lunging ... read more.


The Dictionary of Horse-Drawn Vehicles by Smith states: ldquoDrag Shoe. Skid pan or wedge used a ... read more.

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