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Help, I think my horse is choking!

Choking in horses &ndash as opposed to humans choking&ndash does not immediately pose a life-threatening condition. A blockage in the esophagus, ... read more.


ValueMyHorse LLC offers the service of &ldquoEquine Buyers Advocate&rdquo for parties interested in purchasing horses.  We are not a brokers ... read more.


So &ldquocheck your billets&rdquo they say! What exactly does that mean? It means to look and make sure the stitching is solid but there is more ... read more.

Anhidrosis - When horses lose their ability to sweat!

Like us humans, horses regulate their body temperature through sweating. Sweating helps them to cool down in warmer weather and/or after exercise. ... read more.

Sotheby's: Homes that Embody the Equestrian Spirit

When it comes to equestrian estates, owners are passionate about their properties. Where and how they live is all about the thrill of riding. ... read more.

Muzzle Management – 4 things to know about proper fit, nutrition and risks.

Grazing muzzles have become a common piece of equipment in the equine industry. They are being hooked to an ordinary halter and cover the entire mu ... read more.

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